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The History of the Keurig Coffee Maker

Getting the very best coffee is always something that everyone is looking for. You never want to be left with an awful tasting coffee; you want something with a kick that offers the best taste. That can be a very hard combination to get right at times especially if you don’t own a big name coffee maker. However, if you are looking for great coffee, you must choose a great machine. One of the best coffee makers around has to be Keurig!

How the Keurig Coffee Maker Started

The name Keurig is one of the biggest in coffee making! They haven’t been around for a mass amount of years but actually it seems that way because the brand is just so popular and offers so much potential. There are lots of brewers, both professional bistros and home drinkers that use the Keurig machines. This is a big American name and it all started with small K-Cup packs of coffee.

John Sylvan and Peter Dragone were the founding members of the coffee. Originally they were designed so that the K-cups offered a great way of making coffee – one cup at a time. It was thought that the k-cups could be used so that the quality of the coffee could be much improved upon and soon after the design of the k-cups, the company soon found its form.

The Very First Keurig Coffee Maker

It was the B2000 which was the very first coffee making machine sold by the Keurig company. This was really an office coffee maker which was sold in the late 90’s however, they were very popular. Over the next few years, there were more than thirty five thousand coffee machines sold and there were more and more machines that were being created.

What Do The Keurig Coffee Machines Do?

With the new k-cup machines, they do allow you to get the very best tasting coffee. That is right; you can get the best coffee which is very important especially if you are spending a lot of money on a machine.

The Best Coffee Around

Overall, these Keurig machines have been around for only a short period of time but they are some of the very best available. They really do offer so much quality and they have a simple but rich history. There are now commercial and household machines available to use which is great because that means everyone can get fresh tasting coffee from anywhere.

The amount of choice for coffee is huge and they are continuing to expand at the same time also. The varieties have been very simple but they are all great and expanding each and every day. This is why Keurig has become a very popular brand both in coffee types and machines. You can get a really great tasting coffee and whether you are a big coffee drinker or casual coffee drinker Keurig can offer so much quality. Check this website for more coffee making machine.

The Keurig coffee maker is one of the very best machines you could try if you want fresh tasting coffee each and every day.

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