Keurig Vs Senseo Vs Tassimo

There are lots of amazing types of coffee to choose from including espresso and of course the normal strong cup of coffee.  However, for many people they don’t know which machine offers the very best quality cup of coffee.  So which is it – Keurig, Senseo or Tassimo?  Put all these things together and you will get an amazing combination but putting these up against one another – how can you compare these three great coffee machines?

What Does Tassimo Offer?

First and foremost, the Tassimo is a very lovely and appealing little unit.  This is not only compact but it’s gorgeous and a good size.  Yes, if you use the taller travelling mugs then the machine isn’t the very best but if you’re just using this for a regular cup then it’s perfect.  This is quite efficient but there is a problem or two including the fact that the water reservoir is fitted to the back of the machine.  Now, this can be troublesome but it’s not too problematic.  Overall, its good but the prices can be a little steep for a single cup of coffee.

What Does The Keurig Offer?

The perfect K cup – that is what you get from Keurig!  The machine is rather tall and can fill up most travel mugs, even the tallest of them so it looks good in that sense.  However, there is a really nice large water reservoir which can be detached and is found to the side of the machine as well which is good.  This feature does allow you to get more ease to fill the water up without having to awkwardly reach over the entire unit.  There are lots of pods available to use in a variety of choices as well which is great and the process to make the coffee is simple and is done within a few minutes.

What Does The Senseo Offer?

The Senseo does look very nice and it’s not too big but not too small either.  The size is just right for most homes; and you can get a great little coffee from this as well.  There is a very light weight feel to it which is nice but the water reservoir is actually located to the back of the machine which is very annoying but it doesn’t make the machine bad.  The noise of the machine as it works isn’t so bad; it’s not too loud which is great because no one wants a loud coffee machine.  Overall, it’s looking good and offers a descent cup of coffee.

Which Is The Best?

To be honest, you do have a great selection of coffee machines here and they all offer something different than the next.  However, they are all great!  Depending on the type of coffee you love, you might find that the Keurig is for you, then again, it might be espresso if that’s what you love, then again, it might be the Senseo.  It’s hard to say which is the best because they all offer something great and unique.  Enjoy your espresso, coffee or K cup!

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