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Coffee Maker History: The Moka Pot

Getting the very best coffee is important. You don’t just need to get your morning fill of coffee, but you need to get a great tasting drink to help you keep going throughout the day as well. However, one of the very best ways to make coffee has to be the Moka Pot. The Moka pot has become very popular over the past few years especially when it comes to devising the very best coffee.

Today, it is still one of the most used items for coffee making and it does look very simple but alluring. It is certainly one of the most widely recognized items of today and it is so popular throughout the world as well. So, what makes the moka pot what it is today?

A Simple Design from the Moka Pot

The design of the Moka pot is very simple but stunning. It has become one of the most recognized and sought after designs because it is so versatile. First created in the early 30’s, the machine was said to have transformed the entire way coffee brewing was seen. It is true however, because the new Moka pots have allow you to get a better.

A Brief History

Made in 1933, the coffee pot machine was quickly in production around the world and become quickly known as one of the world’s top brewing machines. The pot comes with a lovely octagonal shaping which is often an iconic highlight of the pot. However, quickly after the pot was created, it became a landmark around the world and it has since been in the limelight showing off new styles as the years have gone by. As new brewing technology is known, the pots do incorporate that as well without taking anything away from the original maker and their excellent qualities. Whether it’s making a latte, traditional coffee or anything else, the moka pot works wonders: http://stumptowncoffee.com/brew-guides/moka-pot/

Brewing Made Simple

It is actually very easy to use these because the design and purpose hasn’t really changed throughout the years. If you want to make great café tasting coffee, you will need to place water into the pot. However, this needs to be the lower part of the pot, and the water needs to be quite hot as well. Of course, you don’t want to overdo your brewing but you do need to ensure the water is quite hot. From here, the pot goes over a low heat and slowly heats up to bring the coffee to the boil.

Own a Piece of History

The coffee experience cannot get any better than with using a moka pot. What is more, when you own one of these, you own a piece of history because that is what these are. They were created in the 30’s and they do offer so much still today. There is even the iconic drawing of the creator on the side of the moka pots which just shows you how much pride the makers have. Coffee has never tasted better when made in the moka pot. Visit this link for more detailed information and updates.

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